Crazy Janes Collaborate! concert coming up Friday, November 9th, 2012 at Colonial Presbyterian Church 2828 SE Stephens here in Portland, OR.  Ten women composers and at least ten collaborators — poets, dancers, visual artists and several different instruments voice, electronics, and a toy piano and typewriter. There’s also dance, sculpture, paintings and poetry, with collaborators found here.  See our Crazy Jane Composers website -  for more information about us.


My piece: “Idaho Toccata” is like a musical collage of a few indelible visions from my mid-century Idaho childhood: thrilling cowboys on bucking horses; wild carnival rides — (made us kids feel  how drunken cowboys looked); a Spanish dancer clicking castenets, whirling her black lace petticoats. (There’s a big Basque population in and near Boise.) More gentle sounds are in this piece too, like chickens on my grandparent’s farm near the Columbia River.


Bonnie Meltzer is working on a series of sculptures showing  what we are drawn to as kids shows up in our artistic life as grown-ups.


Working with long time friends  Bonnie Meltzer and pianist Lisa Marsh is a treat.


“In Good Hands” concert; Portland International Piano Festival

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Michelle Tong, a student of Mary Kogen, will perform “Squirrel” from the 2012 set “Backyard Characters.” This concert will take place July 13th at 4:00 at the World Forestry Center, Portland, Oregon.

4/22/11 CD Release Performance

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4/22/11 CD Release Performance

Includes most of the pieces on the CD heard live.
7:30 pm, Reedwood Friends Church, 2901 Steele St. (across from Reed College field.)